Best years ahead.

Our Certified pre-owned program offers a variety of inventory options, including nearly-new vehicles, at an exceptional value. Your best Audi CPO ownership years are ahead.

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Limited warranty coverage included

Visit Flemington Audi for Certified Pre-Owned Audi vehicles. We serve guests from Flemington, Milford, Hampton, Washington, NJ, and Tinicum, PA.

Flemington Audi has Certified Pre-Owned Audi vehicles for those visiting us from nearby Flemington, Milford, Hampton, Washington, NJ, and Tinicum, PA. Audi considers every detail, both when they build your Audi and give it a Certified stamp of approval, so you know these vehicles live up to a legacy of quality craftsmanship. Browse our selection, then come visit us at 213 Highway 202 in Flemington, NJ.

The In Depth Certification Criteria

Audi wants all models with the Certified pre-owned name to be the best on the road and to live up to the quality that the brand is known for. These vehicles must pass a 300+ point inspection, be 5 model years old or newer, have less than 60,000 miles on them and have to have been in service for at least 4 months or 4,000 miles.

The Best Pre-Owned Vehicles Are At Flemington Audi

When you visit Flemington Audi to review our Certified pre-owned Audi selection, you're going to find the vehicle of your dreams. These vehicles have been rigorously tested and are a cut above most other models that are on the road. Come see them today at 213 Highway 202 in Flemington, NJ.

Limited Warranty Transfer Application

Certified Pre-Owned Audi Benefits

These Audi models come with benefits that set them apart from other used vehicles. They are covered by the remainder of the new-vehicle limited warranty. They have a 1 year/UNLIMITED miles comprehensive warranty after the previous one expires (transferable between parties). They also come with 24-hour roadside assistance that covers emergency towing, collisions, jump starts, flat tire changes, emergency fuel service, lock-out service and more.

Rigorous 300+ point dealer inspection

With a comprehensive 300+ point inspection performed by an Authorized Audi Dealer, you can be sure that your Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle is ready for the road ahead.
See why purchasing a pre-owned Audi is an all-new experience
"Audi has an exceptional Certified pre-owned program with the highest quality cars." - IntelliChoice
Vehicle Criteria
  • 300+ point inspection
  • 5 model years or newer
  • Less than 60,000 miles
Warranty Details
  • Remainder of new-vehicle limited warranty
  • If Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty (NVLW) coverage remains at time of Certified pre-owned (CPO) purchase, CPO Limited Warranty Coverage commences upon expiration of NVLW and continues until 5 years from vehicle's original in-service date with no mileage limitation
  • If New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage has expired at time of CPO purchase, CPO Limited Warranty coverage continues for 12 months with no mileage limitation
  • Limited warranty is transferable between private parties
  • 24-hour roadside assistance; emergency towing, collision, jump start, flat tire change, emergency fuel service, lock-out service, extrication service, Audi assist
Vehicle history report provided?
  • Yes
Is there a warranty deductible?
  • No deductible
Is the warranty transferable?
  • Yes prior to expiration to a subsequent private owner / $0
Dealer return/exchange program
  • Dealer option
Looking for another reason to own?
We've got 10
The inspection process, coverage and offers are solid reasons to own, but they're not the only ones. From the luxury performance to our time-tested design, we've put together a list of the top ten reasons choosing an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle is the right decision.
1. A comprehensive 300+ point inspection.
With 15 pre-checks, 115 exterior checkpoints, 85 interior checkpoints, 39 engine compartment checkpoints, 36 undercarriage checkpoints, and 18 road-test checkpoints, the Audi Certified pre-owned inspection process is one of the most rigorous in the automotive industry.Download Inspection Checklist
2. Unlimited mileage warranty coverage.
With an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle, you not only get an impressive luxury vehicle, you also get the peace of mind that comes with Unlimited Miles under the Audi Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty. That means your Audi will have a solid backing. To put this into perspective, let's just say you have the desire to explore every last mile of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. While you have this kind of warranty behind you, there's no reason you couldn't do so in total confidence, especially knowing you can pull into any one of our dealerships across the country, should an unlikely mechanical issue arise.View key infoDownload Limited Warranty Transfer Application
3. The Audi Certified pre-owned program offers exceptional benefits.
When you purchase an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle, you can count on receiving benefits that live up to our legendary brand. From 24-Hour Roadside Assistance (which includes towing and trip interruption reimbursement) to easy transferability of the Certified pre-owned Limited Warranty to a subsequent private owner, we are there for you every step of the way. Plus, with a comprehensive Vehicle History Report required for every vehicle, you can focus on what you love to do most: driving your Audi.
4. Our vehicles are built to last.
We know our vehicles will be on the road for a long time, so it makes sense that we design our parts to last at least as long as the vehicle is on the road, and in some cases longer.
5. Our vehicles are designed to stand the test of time.
By looking to the past, we create designs that won't go out of style in the future. Just consider our iconic Audi Singleframe® grille. Its design dates back to 1935, but its iconic look is just as striking today as it was nearly 80 years ago. So what do design features like this mean for you? You'll never have to worry about your Certified pre-owned Audi looking outdated, and the time-less design will help retain its value.
6. The driver is top of mind.
Our team of world-class automotive designers and engineers work tirelessly to make sure that every Audi is not only a stunning work of art, but also an exceptionally engaging vehicle to drive. This is apparent from the moment you sit in the driver's seat to the moment you power through the apex of a turn on a twisty mountain road. We've had the driver in mind since the beginning, and we're proud to say it.
7. Purchase the Audi you've always dreamed about
Get behind the wheel of the Audi that's been on your mind from the start. By purchasing an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle, you'll have the chance to get into your ideal model at an exceptional value. This is an opportunity to make your automotive dreams come true - don't let it drive past.
8. Every Audi vehicle goes through rigorous testing during development
7.5 million. That's the average number of miles our test team puts on Audi vehicles in a given year. Testing in every environment imaginable, from the scorching desert of the United Arab Emirates to the frozen tundra of Northern China. On top of that, every vehicle spends a considerable amount of time at our state-of-the-art factory testing facilities, so you can take comfort in the fact that every Audi has been thoroughly tested with a second owner in mind.
9. We've made owning an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle even better.
With special financing and extended vehicle service contracts, you can add ease and certainty to your Audi Certified pre-owned experience. Audi Financial Services offers financing with competitive interest rates and terms, while our wide range of available coverage options gives you everything from extended service benefits with an Audi Pure Protection Certified pre-owned Service Contract to comprehensive protection with a Ding Shield Service Plan. It's just our way of making owning an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle exceptional from start to finish.
10. We are committed to making you a lifelong Audi fan.
Even after you drive off in your dream car, we pledge to do everything we can to keep the dream alive by offering you an ownership experience that rivals even those of the most exclusive clubs in the world. This applies to everything from the initial purchase to scheduled maintenance visits to the moment you're ready to purchase another Audi. Expect us to go out of our way to ensure that being an Audi owner is one of the most fulfilling experiences you'll ever have.

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